Blyth Hockey Day Training

Blyth Academy Day Training Program Burlington.

Our Hockey Training Program is centered on giving our students the opportunity for experiential learning that is geared towards their individual interest.
Blyth Academy is dedicated to excellence and to the development of self-confident individuals of exemplary character and skill. Our student-athletes are prepared through experience and training and training in the sports that they love.


The benefit of participating in the hockey training program during the school day is that it allows our students the time to focus on their academics and balance the time spent between home, school, and the community.

Our aim is to create a challenging and supportive learning enviroment where instructors, coaches and students work together with the goal of students’ individual athletic talents, help them understand the complexities of the sport and teach them to commit to dedicated training in order to excel.


Blyth Academy Prep Hockey

Our Prep Hockey Academy has a focus on Player Development with physical and life skills on & off the ice to prepare our players for their future in Hockey! Blyth players can look forward to NCAA/USAHockey exposure! Our prep program is designed to coach players not only on ice but through the scouting experience and beyond, to ensure the best hockey future for you possible! 


Blyth Academy Day Training Programs

U14 - U18

Blyth Day Training (gr 9-12)

Teacher/Athletic Director : Mike Vlajkov


 Blyth Day Training U14 (gr 5-8)

Teacher/Athletic Director : Mike Vlajkov