Lil Preds Academy 2021


  • LIL Preds Academy is a hand selected team who will train, compete and grow together throughout the winter months, at the 2014-2015 birth years.  Our Hockey Canada Skill Coaches Kyle Allen and Sean Kuczerepa are committed to delivering an elite level of training and encourage their player’s passion for the game!  This very special group will practice multiple times per week with a strong emphasis on skill development, hockey IQ, and feed the burning passion these youngsters have to become well oiled machines!  

LiL Preds Academy will follow an indepth development plan that will bring these kids to the next level.  We will work on the following skills and game situations on a weekly schedule, and will play FULL ICE GAMES!

  • *Edge Work, Stride and Power Skating
  • *Dekes, Danlges, Shot Fakes
  • *Shooting Techniques (for ex.  Stride Shot, back hander, drag shot, etc)
  • *Position Specific Support
  • *Video Analysis
  • *Skating Treadmill Conditioning
  • *Mini Pad Sessions for Shooting & Puck Skills
  • *Goalie Development
  • *20+ Games

Our Hockey Canada Skill Coaches are going motivated to enhance their skill base and give them a head start to minor hockey!

If you are a 2013, 2014 or 2015 player and want more information, please feel free to contact Kyle Allen at kyle@nicestix.ca

Cant make all the sessions? No worries! Contact Nick Rotondi at nick@nicestix.ca

Fall Session 1 : Monday & Saturday

Price: $50.00 for both sessions