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Edges / Tight Turns

Forwards & Backward Skating

Now that your child has learnt to skate, its time to LEARN TO PLAY Hockey.

“Discover the Thrill of Hockey with Our LEARN TO PLAY Program!

Has your player ever dreamed of gliding effortlessly across the ice, scoring that winning goal, and experiencing the rush of victory? Now’s their chance to turn that dream into reality with our dynamic LEARN TO PLAY program!

Tailored for beginners of all ages, our program is designed to introduce you to the exciting world of hockey in a fun and supportive environment. Led by our expert coaching staff, who are as passionate about teaching as they are about the sport, your player will learn the fundamentals of hockey from the ground up.

From mastering the basics of skating to nailing essential stickhandling techniques, our comprehensive curriculum covers it all. We’ll guide your player through each step of their hockey journey, building their confidence and skillset along the way.





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