Welcome to the NSH Academy! Our comprehensive hockey development program is designed to provide players born in 2017, 2016, and 2015 with a well-rounded training experience that focuses on power skating, skill development, shooting, and game play. Our goal is to help each player reach their full potential while fostering a love for the game of hockey.



Age Groups: Players born in 2017, 2016, and 2015

Program Duration: October 1st – March 29th, 2024. 

Weekly Schedule:

  • Powerskating & Skill Session (1 session per week): This session is dedicated to improving skating techniques, agility, balance, and overall on-ice skills. Our experienced coaches will work closely with players to enhance their fundamental hockey skills.

  • Treadmill & Shooting Sessions (1 session per week): Players will have the opportunity to improve their shooting accuracy, speed, and technique through targeted shooting drills. The treadmill sessions will focus on building endurance and stamina.

  • Weekend Games/Practices (2 sessions per weekend): Players will participate in either games or practices on weekends, providing valuable opportunities to apply the skills they’ve learned in a game setting. These sessions will help players develop their game understanding, teamwork, and decision-making abilities.


  • Over 25 games scheduled throughout the program.
  • Weekend games will be against other local teams, offering players a chance to showcase their progress and compete in a fun and supportive environment.


  • Participation in selected tournaments, allowing players to experience competitive play and exposure to different playing styles.

Team Apparel:

  • Each player will receive a complete team apparel package, including jerseys, socks and tracksuits. 

Program Fee:

  • $2975 per player for the entire program duration.
  • The fee covers all training sessions, games, tournaments, and team apparel.

Benefits of NSH Academy:

  • Professionally designed training curriculum.
  • Experienced and dedicated coaching staff.
  • Personalized feedback and skill development plans for each player.
  • Emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and character development.



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